Craigslist / Twin Falls

A number of wheel chairs, canes and other medical supplies are being offered up free of charge to those in the Magic Valley in need.

A Craigslist post found in the "free," section, and dated March 17, shows about two dozen wheel chairs that are being offered to the public at no cost. A number of canes, walkers, hospital beds, and other mobility aids, can be picked up at no cost in Twin Falls. The items are intended for people with medical conditions that are in need, and not to be sold for scrap.

The items are being offered on a first come, first serve basis. Those who wish to pick up any of the available medical aids need to be able to transport them home.

Craigslist (Continued)

There are 70 beds, and more than 20 wheelchairs currently up for grabs. Those in need can take multiple items home with them.


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