Waiter, there’s a lizard in my salad!

animals are often found in the mix.  Some still alive.

Think it can’t happen?  It does.  An investigation into the contents of bag salads shows animals are often found in the mix.  Some still alive.  Frogs, toads, lizards and insects.  And you thought it was a mix of raisins and guacamole!

Many, many years ago, when I worked in TV news, a competitor did a week long examination of bagged salads as an expose designed to lure viewers during May sweeps (the same guy also shined black lights on hotel walls and beds).  As a single guy at the time, bag salad was my daily roughage.  And when on the go, who has time to slice up all the fixings?

For well more than a decade I couldn’t bring myself to eat a salad from a bag.  Recently I decided I needed again a quick source of vegetables.  I’ve started buying more bag salads.  I came home from the store over the weekend with garden salad wrapped in plastic.  A few minutes later I saw this story

Anyone hungry for some greens?

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