The coffee shop Full Steam Espresso has announced they will be opening a second location at the soon to be open 2nd South Market. Full Steam Espresso is currently on Filer in the Lynwood Shopping Center.

2nd South Market is going to be Idaho's first food hall where they plan on having multiple places to eat, some entertainment and have options under one roof. Right now also part of 2nd South Market will be Clover Leaf Creamery and Smokey Bone BBQ. Originally we believed Tacos Dona Vero would be joining them but I they do not appear to be on the list of vendors anymore. However, the Tap House, which we are looking into, appears to be on the list.

This will be a second location for coffee lovers to enjoy. Full Steam Espresso is locally owned and operated and they offer hot and cold brews, energy drinks and they will be adding local baked goods. They want to serve donuts, scones, breads and bagels! Yes, we are hoping to get a good bagel place! Coffee and bagels go so well together.

The 2nd South Market is hoping to be open in September with more vendors being announced soon. 2020 has been a tough year for businesses in general so I can't imagine how hard it is to open a new one. Hopefully September is the magic month!

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