Tyce Nielsen is only six years old. He has cancer. He’s being treated at a Boise hospital. Tyce’s family lives in Elko, Nevada. The drive is four hours between the cities. His mother has left her job in an effort to join in caring for the little boy. The fundraising appeal appeared in my Friday email. In a matter of a few hours, I noticed several hundred dollars had been raised. The family is being challenged to meet travel expenses.

The expenses may quickly escalate.

Eventually, Tyce may need to be transferred to Salt Lake City for additional treatment. Because he may need a bone marrow transplant. You can learn more by clicking on this link. You’ll see a picture of a very happy little boy. But also a very sick child.

Every child should be able to lead a good and long life. We’ve come a long way in treating cancer. Some Japanese doctors believe they’re near a breakthrough. They use strands of artificial DNA to shut down cancer cells. If they can perfect the treatment, cancer could possibly be reduced to a passing illness or even eradicated.

If that happens, nobody wants to be the last known cancer death.

Please, if you can help the Nielsen family, make a contribution. Anyone who ends up in remission today could survive until the day that cancer is no longer a scourge. If this happened to be my child, I would move heaven and earth to reach that moment.

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