Elko, Nevada Morning Quake
It's been a little quiet on the earthquake front in our part of America lately. But, no longer. An earthquake just occurred that was centered squarely in Elko, Nevada.
X-Files in Buhl & Elko
My wife is an X-Files fan. Always has been and probably always will be. She's been re-watching all of the seasons of the show recently and I have to admit that my jaw dropped when one episode portrays itself as starting in Buhl, Idaho and ending around Elko, Nevada.
A 3.9 Quake Just Happened South Of Elko
The USGS is reporting that a 3.9 earthquake hit today just south of Elko, Nevada. Granted, a 3.9 isn't the type of quake you see making California fall into the ocean in the movies. But, it's big enough that it makes you pay attention.

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