You very often hear people using the phrase "found Jesus," when describing the self-adoption of a new found religious way of life. It's not everyday however that you actually come across someone resembling the leader of the Christian faith, outside a Walgreens, sporting a red backpack, light-khaki pants and an 8-foot, wooden cross, hanging over their left shoulder. Welcome to Idaho!

A Reddit member who goes by the name, "therealhershey," posted this video shot at an undisclosed Idaho location recently. The footage was uploaded on July 8, and shows a man who really looks more like a circa 1994 Jerry Garcia than Jesus of Nazareth, strolling down the sidewalk on a warm, summer day. Oh yea, and he's carrying a very large, friggin wooden cross with him.

There's no way of knowing if this gentleman is headed home from some type of protest, local production rehearsal of Godspell, or maybe he just robbed an area synagogue, but the brilliance of the video, is that we really don't know what the hell is going on here. We do know that this is not the actual Jesus Christ himself, because that's obvious by the lack of sandals.

Some things should just be left to the imagination.



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