Valentine's Day is less than a week away. Deciding on what to give your partner or spouse on the most romantic day of the year can be tough for some people, but one Idaho company believes it might have the solution all bottled up for you.

My wife and I have a Valentine's Day tradition. We don't really buy gifts for one another on the day for lovers because we're still paying off Christmas. Flowers, champagne, a nice scented candle, and dinner out at the local Chinese restaurant are all part of our routine that I gladly take care of.

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Perfume isn't something I really enjoy spending money on because all the fancy-labeled brands that most women love have a price tag of about $100 to $150 a bottle. Aside from that, what the hell is even in perfume? I did drop over $100 for a bottle for my wife three to four years ago, and it's still 90 percent full.

One alternative to dropping a bundle of cash on perfume for your Idaho special person is available at Frites by Idaho is a French fry-scented fragrance that was released a year ago. The perfume is still featured on the website and described as a great Valentine's Day buy.

Who isn't enticed by the scent of someone in a hairnet bathing potato shards in oil? One could describe this product as a sultry, bottled fry sauce for lovers. The bottle this perfume comes in would also make an attractive addition to anyone's vanity table.

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