Vampire wannabes are braving the sunlight to purchase one of the newest blood-inspired products on the market: perfume.

The EDP comes in four different scents -- A, B, AB and O -- and is applied with a medical dropper tube.

According to the company's website, the BLOOD CONCEPT perfume is inspired by the mysteriousness and meaningfulness of blood.

"It's the most texted and studied part of the human body and it guards a magnitude of secrets that reveals our inner and unique way of being," explains the site.

BLOOD CONCEPT perfumes take on more of a metallic, cold scent as opposed to a floral or warm one. "A" is inspired by tomato leaves and basil; "B" features woody/fruity/peppery notes; "AB" is mineral-based with notes like cedar wood, aluminum and slate; and "O" is slightly sweeter than the rest, and uses thyme, raspberry, leather and rose hips.

Sounds like the perfect gift for a 'Twilight' fan, no?

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