Local YouTuber Hey Arnel recently shared a video of a place named Goat Lake Idaho and it is gorgeous.

According to Google Maps, Goat Lake Idaho is fairly close to Redfish Lake and you can go for a hike around the area. The video showing the lake is stunning. I really want to give this place a try.

I have no idea why it is called Goat Lake Idaho. It doesn't seem to look like a goat to me and I didn't see any goats in the video. I am sure there is some kind of story behind the name.

The mountains around the area are picturesque and flawless. The water is clear and blue and inviting. It is a place I feel like I could easily get lost in. The area has some hiking trails and places to explore as well.

Going up to the Stanley area is one of my favorite things. I have only gone a few times but every single time I go, it blows my mind with the beauty and tranquility in the area. I love Idaho and everything the outdoors has to offer here. This video is an example of all the greatest things about our state.

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