Most of my lusting for log cabins in Idaho are mere fantasies. Several that I have shared are in the northern part of the state probably 16 hours away. Or, at least it feels that far away. But, there is a brand new log cabin that just hit Zillow and it's north of Boise.

Granted, this is still a drive to reach this one. But, it's at least in our half of Idaho. This gorgeous log cabin is located at 12983 Sandy Drive in Donnelly, Idaho. That's just under 4 hours away from us if you go through Boise.

If you look at the pics, this log cabin is a show-stopper. Forget about the 3-bedroom, 2 1/2-bath house facts. This one's all about the view. It's parked next to Cascade Lake with mountains on the other side of that. Then, there's the boat dock. Wow, just wow.

You can bask in all this Idaho glory from one of the nicest decks I've ever seen on one of these log cabin properties. My kids would want tents to sleep out there during the summer.

The one thing stopping me from attempting to make this log cabin a reality is the price tag. I don't think my wife would be pleased to see me asking the bank for a loan for $620,000. That's a bit above my pay grade.

But, Judy Trimble is the listing agent and would probably be happy to give you a tour if your bank account is a bit healthier than mine. For now, I'll just stare at the photos since that's free.

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