HANSEN, Idaho (KLIX) – Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter visited Magic Valley residents on Friday, where he talked about roads, the environment and recent flooding.

Gov. Otter chats with visitors Friday at Hansen High School, the site for March's 'Capital for a Day.' (Photo by Andrew Weeks)

The open forum event, called “Capital for a Day,” is one in which state officials one day every month visit an Idaho community in an effort to bring government to the people.

Hansen was chosen as Otter’s March visit, in part, because of recent flooding in the Magic Valley and the governor wanted to better reach residents affected by it.

“It’s been a tough winter throughout Idaho,” Otter said in a statement that announced the event on March 8, “and towns in the Magic Valley and Mini-Cassia areas have been hit especially hard by once-in-a-generation, if not once-in-a-lifetime storms, snow and flooding.

“Hearing directly about challenges of folks in and around Hansen will help those of us in state government to do our jobs better and bring help more efficiently where it’s needed most.”

The event, which was planned from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Hansen High School, wrapped up about 30 minutes early. A steady group of about 50 people were in attendance throughout the day, said Hansen City Manager Adolfo Arrendondo.

The event gave people the chance to ask questions and talk about topic important to their communities.

Gov Otter addresses visitors at Hansen High School on Friday. Among the topics were roads, the environment and recent flooding, (Photo by Andrew Weeks)

One question on Arrendondo’s mind was what resources are available to help the city upgrade its vehicles and equipment.

“This was a big help to me,” he said. “I now have a lot more connections, a lot more contacts to follow up on than what I expected I’d receive.”

The upkeep of existing homes and businesses was brought up, as was the pothole problem and road repair. Otter said highway funding is a top priority but it’s beset by challenges.

Twin Falls County GOP Chairman Steve Millington, Twin Falls County commissioners, and other local representatives turned out for the event. The governor said he deemed the community event a success.

In his closing remarks, Otter thanked those who came out to the forum, giving a special nod to those who stayed throughout the day.

“These events are successful because of you,” he said.

Not everyone stayed for the entire 'Capital for a Day' event on Friday in Hansen, but some people did such as Hansen City Manager Adolfo Arrendondo. (Photo by Andrew Weeks)