Look closely at the fries in the picture above.  From the T and T Café in Hansen.  What you're seeing is about as close to perfection as you'll ever get with our Famous Potatoes!  It's the seasoning and the perfect timing in the fryer.  Timing is a skill.  I worked the fries at a booth during the Twin Falls County Fair.  It means I'm a novice.  From what you see above, nothing in southern Idaho can approach the taste and the texture.

T and T is a 15-minute drive from our studios.  I can leave work, drive past the sugar factory, through Kimberly, and suddenly I'm in Hansen.  Looking back over time, I don't recall how I found the place, but one winter day very long ago I stopped for breakfast.  The sourdough toast left me wanting more.  Not long afterward, Governor Otter hosted an event at the high school and during the lunch break I had a burger and fries at T and T. I was hooked.

A few weeks ago, a waitress recommended something called the candied bacon burger.  Oh, my word!  Take the family and the neighbors.  Burgers and fries are out of this world.

It appears the Times-News is conducting a survey and seeking the best burger in the Magic Valley.  Skip the restaurant chain places and try the variety at the mom-and-pop alternatives.

The atmosphere is cozy and everyone is friendly.  If I lived in Hanson, I would be eating out every day.  The menu is extensive.  A friend insists the omelets are the best she's ever tasted, and she has been eating eggs across four western states for her entire life.  Go now to Hansen and reward yourself!

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