MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho (KLIX) Elmore County authorities say they used GPS, 4x4s, drones and eventually a helicopter to locate hikers that had gotten lost in a mountainous area during the weekend. The Elmore County Sheriff's Office says Saturday afternoon dispatch received an emergency call from a group of people that got lost in the Danskin Mountains northwest of Mountain Home. The group had gotten lost during the night and had ran out of water. One of the hikers developed a medical condition and needed assistance. The sheriff's office says Search and Rescue started searching the area with help from Elmore Ambulance Service. Searcher used GPS coordinates from the 911 call to pin point the area were the hikers might have been. Off road vehicles and a rescue drone was used in the search. During the search the party called again to report one of the persons medical condition worsened which then prompted emergency crews to dispatch an air ambulance to the area. The helicopter crew was able to locate the lost people, treat them, and take them to safety.

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