We all know about the predicaments cats get into. It's not uncommon for them to require assistance getting down from trees or other elevated spots, but dogs aren't generally known for their climbing abilities and they aren't known to land on their feet either.

I'm a dog person. To me, they are much lower maintenance than cats, and I trust them much more. I appreciate that cats are master mouse hunters and can keep rodents out of our homes, but I never have to worry about my dog sneaking up behind me and pouncing on my skull.

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City animal control and fire departments answer thousands of distressed, pet-related calls a year in the United States. Whether it's a storm drain, well, tree, or rooftop, our furry family members just find their way into tricky predicaments, much like humans.

A Caldwell firefighter had to carry a dog down from a tree recently after it got wedged between numerous tree branches more than 30 feet up. An extension ladder was used to get to "Izzy," and the animal was rescued without injury. The story was even picked up nationally by the Huffington Post.

The dog was apparently chasing a squirrel when it got stuck, requiring rescuing from southwest Idaho fire personnel, according to the Huffington Post. I would imagine the occasional chew toy gets accidentally tossed into trees from time to time, which could inspire a dog to get into a similar situation.

In 2019, a German Shepard also had to be rescued in Tracy, California, after it got stuck way up in a tree. These stories are proof that even dogs can get up a tree, but getting down is another story.

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