The Grand Theft Auto series is getting its own TV show! Well, kinda.

Rockstar hasn't exactly been quiet about its reluctance to bring Grand Theft Auto to the big screen, as Kotaku puts it, so fans were super surprised to hear that it would be getting its own TV show on the BBC... and then not so surprised when they figured out what the TV show would actually be about. Grand Theft Auto is pretty controversial, you know it, I know it, your parents know it — heck, your pets know it. However, that doesn't mean that the series isn't successful, its releases tend to top the charts and break sales records — except in Australia because of K-Mart and Target, but that's besides the point.

The premise of this BBC TV show isn't actually a recreation or fictional depiction of one of the game's stories. Instead, it will follow the making of Grand Theft Auto from conception, back when Rockstar North was still DMA Design. We could see how a BBC TV series for GTA could get people's hopes up, especially since the BBC is a bit more lax on what it can and cannot air — this would be one of the best places to have such a series appear. Unfortunately, this series will just be a behind the scenes look at Rockstar.

This pseudo-documentary look at GTA is still a pretty cool idea, since there aren't many TV shows out revolving around video games and especially not around the way that they're made. For now, we will just have to continue to wait and see if our dream of a true Grand Theft Auto crime drama will become a reality.

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