MINIDOKA, Idaho (AP) — A wind-swept parcel of ground on the edge of the tiny town of Minidoka once cradled the remains of at least 40 people.

But now, the Times-News reports, no one knows how many grave sites remain.

Minidoka County Historical Museum Curator Melissa Alley says some families moved the remains of their loved ones to other locations as the cemetery fell into disrepair. Only one grave marker is still at the cemetery, and it belongs to Henry Mitchell, who died in 1905. The others have all been removed or crumbled back to the earth.

Rupert resident Lynn Porter owns a cold-case assistance business called Semper Vigilans, which provides forensic archaeology and other services. She's used the cemetery as a training ground for her human cadaver-sniffing dogs.

She and other dog handlers are using their findings to make a map of the remaining gravesites.

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