A fellow from Rupert tells me he’s planning a boycott of Twin Falls.  I came into work and found a message.  He tells me he’s not alone.  Talking with friends and acquaintances in Minidoka County, they feel the same.  They’re opposed to a mask mandate. 

The big box stores provide spillover for a lot of mom and pop operations.

If they don’t come is it a loss?

Consider a trip I once took to Costco.  The first people I encountered after passing through the entry were friends from Rupert.  They come here Saturday mornings and shop.  Then they go to lunch in town before they drive home.  Look around the parking lots at Costco, Walmart, Target and Winco.  Even the parking spaces at many of our smaller businesses are filled with license plates from other counties and states.  The big box stores provide spillover for a lot of mom and pop operations.

This is why I believe the Twin Falls City Council needs more input before a vote.  The pool of stakeholders still appears shallow.

Do we know if masks actually work?  I can’t answer the question but I’ve been looking for some evidence.  This is a link to the Sydney Morning Herald.  Perhaps Australia’s largest newspaper by circulation.  The headline I saw earlier gave the impression the answer is yes.  Then I read through the story and gained the impression the writer didn’t find anything new.

Instead, he reports his country’s apparent success against COVID-19 came from other developments.  Don’t let people dehydrate and apparently place them on their tummies when hospitalized.  That would suggest there are better treatments than undermining civil liberties.

From Wuhan to New York City: A Timeline of COVID-19's Spread


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