For anyone that might have been outside after midnight on December 15, 2019, northwest of Boise, a massive flash of light not resembling that of a lightning strike, was seen by at least one witness. The recent sighting of the unidentified aerial phenomenon near Boise has been described by the witness as unlike anything they have ever saw.

The National UFO Reporting Center's latest incident involves a December 15, 2019, occurrence in southwestern Idaho, near the city of Boise. The report was just shared on December 19 to the national database for unexplained sightings. The sighting is described as brief, and "an extreme green flash of light above the valley, in the sky."

The incident happened at 12:40 a.m., and was seen by a motorist that was pulled off to the side of the road near the city of Nampa. The location of the flash is further described as "east, toward Boise, up in the sky."

The light was bright green, according to the witness, and "flickered twice." The duration of the occurrence is listed as .02 seconds. It's not known if there were any storm systems active in the area between Nampa and Boise on that evening. but according to the past recorded weather conditions for the evening of December 15, the description is that of mostly clear skies, and an overnight low near 27 degrees.

This report marks the forth such documented in the sky over Boise since October 30, 2019. A 2017 video posted to YouTube shows a strange, triangular configuration recorded by a witness in the city of Boise, which also captured the attention of many.

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