A video shared on YouTube in 2021 has amassed thousands of views and appears to show a pair of Idaho hunters being stared down by what resembles a large, bipedal ape.

Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, hundreds of videos get shared every year from people across the United States claiming to have had a run-in with the incredibly elusive, storied creature. The upload on the YouTube channel of Toxic Gamer delivers a video that shows two Idaho hunters tracking what they first believed to be a bear, only to come within a few yards of something (or someone) most certainly not of the Ursidae family.

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Now, whether this was a relative in an ape suit or an actual animal that couldn't have been anything other than some kind of freakish, deformed bear, we'll never really know. The part where the camera zooms in on whatever was standing by the tree and giving the hunters the hairy eyeball shows the object very clearly.

The individual who posted the over four-minute-long clip titles the upload, "They Chased Bigfoot," and further identifies the footage as two Idaho hunters that captured Bigfoot on film. We don't exactly know when, or where, this video was shot. We do know it was shared back on April 29, 2021.

The dramatic camera-shaking and heavy breathing in the final moments of the video could be a well-acted finale, or it could be legitimate excitement over what these two men believe they just witnessed. That's not for me to decide.

Do you believe this footage to be real, or bogus?

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