Its been reported by Idaho Fish and Game that a mother Grizzly Bear inflicted minor injuries on a couple of hunters that said they were unaware the bear and her cubs were nearby. 

Idaho wildlife officials logged a September 9 incident in which a mother Grizzly Bear charged and caused injuries to two bow hunters, according to details shared by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. The attack took place in northern Idaho, near Apache Ridge, in which both hunters required medical attention. It was also reported by the department that the bear was walking with cubs in the area at the time.

Apache Ridge is located in Boundary County, which is in close proximity to Bonners Ferry, and north of Sandpoint. One of the hunters required stiches, while the other escaped without major injury, according to the department's release.

This area of Idaho is known to be heavily populated by both Grizzly Bear and Black Bear. Bear spray was used against the mother Grizzly Bear at the time the hunters wandered upon the animal and her cubs. State officials advise hunters and visitors to this area to always carry the spray on them.

For more information on what to do in these types of situations, as well as areas of the state where bear populations are the largest, click here. Idaho Fish and Game also reported that the injured hunter was treated, and released, from an area hospital.

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