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I would’ve needed a sand shovel.  And a change of my drawers.  The toughest park ranger I ever saw in my life was my dad.  Until I saw this story about a Yellowstone Park Ranger who kept his cool as a massive grizzly charged him.  It appears he was trying to warn passing motorists that a bear was in the area.  After all, without a warning or a visible presence of authority, some stupid touron would’ve decided on a selfie with the big fuzzy teddy bear.

As the man is trying to direct traffic, the bear emerged from the tree line and charged.  I’ve read that large bears can haul ***.  At 30 miles per hour.  The story says a bear can reach 35 miles per hour.  And if the bear was on a local street marked at 35 MPH, he would need to pick up the pace by another dozen MPH.

The ranger returned to his truck and snagged a long gun.  Not for killing the bear, but to make enough noise to frighten the massive animal.  It appears to have worked very well.  The bear retreated and the ranger appeared as if his actions were a daily routine.

I would like to offer some advice to the person who recorded the video.  You’re holding your phone wrong!  Do you like narrow videos with big dark spots on the right and left?  Hold the phone sideways.  You’ll get a full wide-angle video or picture and you won’t miss details.  I discovered tilting the camera by accident, and then my boss confirmed it worked better than holding the telephone straight up.

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