"Guns, Coffee, Jesus." These three words were chosen as a personality description for one user of a dating website that caters exclusively to Gem State farmers. 

Most of you have heard of dating sites such as farmersonly.com. The commercials are so incredibly bad that the branding borders on genius. The website got a lot of attention when it went live in 2005, and it was the brainchild of Ohio native Jerry Miller.

"City Folks Just Don't Get It," were the words that stuck in people's heads for years after Farmersonly.com ads began flooding cable television. The site promotes the farmer's lifestyle and narrows the companion search to people whose daily workloads mirror one another. It has apparently inspired others to create similar sites.

Farmerdatingsite.com is another similar platform to bring together those who get their hands dirty on a daily basis. This site specializes in hooking up people who want to connect with Idaho farmers.

"Wrangler Butts Drive Me Crazy," and "Guns, Coffee, Jesus," are two profile descriptions from women looking for an Idaho farmer in the cities of Chubbuck and Post Falls. I found the website's tagline "Start planting that seed of love," to be particularly clever.

Signing up appears to be relatively easy. In a time when online dating is getting more and more popular, sites like these do help people avoid the awkwardness of meeting strangers in public. So, if you have ever wanted to get to know an Idaho farmer and see where the experience takes you, then farmerdatingsite.com just might interest you.

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