Today is the day where many people across the country will take a leap of faith in the name of love. For some, a chance encounter for even the briefest of moments, could potentially result in the unification of two people. And sometimes, a little assistance from the public can help put two individuals on a path to romance.

Who am I today?

First off, I want to say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! So, here's the deal. I was on Craigslist this morning--because naturally, when I think romance, that's where my mind goes--and I noticed a single post with today's date on it. It was titled, "DARK HAIR RED CAR."

The individual who posted (non-gender specific) apparently developed a crush on a woman he saw briefly at the intersection of Kimberly Road and Blue Lakes. Judging by the time of the post and the words used, this must have taken place sometime between 7-8 A.M. The fact that the woman was wearing sunglasses, leads me to believe this was post-dawn. Yea, just call me "Sherlock."

For a post that is only four sentences long, we have a lot to go on. We know we think we are talking about a female, who has dark hair, was wearing sunglasses and driving a red car between 7-8 A.M. We can also deduce that she might have been in a hurry, opting to go with the "I'll only clear as much ice from my windshield as to allow me just enough clear glass to barely see the roadway" method of early morning ice scraping. This is a clear cut case of running late for work.

And finally, there's a good chance this woman was somewhat attractive, or at least attractive to the motorist who posted. The word "gorgeous," isn't generally thrown around when describing someone of subpar looks. But let's remember, beauty is skin deep anyway. (Applause in my mind)

I think it is up to us, the people of Twin Falls, to help attempt to make a Valentines Day connection. If there's a chance you know this mystery lady, maybe you could bring this blog to her attention. And who knows, stranger things have happened...right.

Here's the actual post from this morning:

Hot Red Car Bad Ice Scraping Lady M4W

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