We all have our methods of dealing with stress. Idahoans are known for their love of the outdoors, but according to a survey on stress, more people are putting the poles down and hitting the gym to shed unwanted anxiety.

When I'm feeling stressed, I go outside and listen to music. It works for me. I had a gym membership once in my life, and I went two or three times before I intentionally let it expire.

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Kayaking is also one of my go-to activities when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I've discovered that I need nature to de-stress. Gyms are more stressful in my opinion, because there's a sense of competition when a person enters one of these facilities.

A past survey on stress in the United States claims more Americans are hitting treadmills, pumping iron, and doing other self-care activities indoors than are spending time in nature to curb stress and anxiety. Is this really the case in Idaho though?

My favorite thing about living in Idaho is the outdoors. There's no way I'm opting to spend time in an air-conditioned gym when it's 80 degrees outside. I respect those who are dedicated enough to set alarms for 4:00 A.M. so they can get a workout in before heading to the office, but that wouldn't work for me as far as tackling stress.

Have you found yourself spending more time in a gym setting than outdoors in the Gem State when you're stressed out? 

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