WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. But this is an amazing video of a grizzly bear taking down a bull elk in Yellowstone National Park. Watching these two battle it out and how the bear behaves in quite amazing.

Again, viewer discretion is advised and spoiler alert, the bear wins.

According to some reports, the bull elk was already injured before the bear decided he wanted to have him for his next several meals. Some of the photos are amazing. This bear is guarding the elk like the prize that it is for him. Slowly eating and resting and guarding it so no other bears or scavengers can take it away from him.

Elk Vs Bear in Yellowstone

Huge should to to Braeden Roesler who gave me permission to use his photos. At one point I swear the bear is smiling in his sleep dreaming about his next meal. I am not one that claims to know a ton about bears, but I imagine it takes a while for bears to pack on the pounds for hibernation so I wonder if that is what his big focus is on right now.

Either way, this video is amazing to watch. The bear essentially drowns the elk by spinning it in the river over and over again until it gives up. I have never seen a bear that size and it is amazing to see nature do it's work.

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