Halloween is right around the corner and it seems like nobody cares. There are only two houses on my street with any type of decoration. I'm sure people are excited about Halloween and have their costumes picked out and maybe even already bought candy to give away, but where are the decorations? Let's look at Christmas for a moment to prove that it doesn't take much to show a little holiday, in this case Halloween, spirit. When Christmas gets close and you are driving around and you see a house with Christmas lights on, you probably audibly comment on them. I'm guilty of this. I'll be driving with my kids and see a house with maybe even just one string of lights and I'll almost wreck the car pointing it out to them.

Many of us will even drive around town, during literally the worst season to be on the roads driving around, searching for Christmas decorated houses. The weather is nice right now and the roads are clear, but do you do that for Halloween? You should, because there are some great decorated houses out there. Last year had some great ones that I hope are up again this year. I've been told I need to see the decorated house on Addison near Eastland and a few on Filer west of Washington Street. There is a really cool one on Addison and the corner of Washington with tons of decorations up and they even have what looks like a Zoltar prop from in the movie Big.

I'll admit that I decorate more for Christmas but I do have lit pumpkins and orange lights in my yard for Halloween. If you need inspiration for Halloween decor, check out this family and their 218 Halloween inflatable decorations.

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