Everything from the Botanical Gardens to the Candy Cane House, here is a list of the Christmas displays you can see around the Magic Valley.

It tends to lean closer to the Twin Falls area, but you can always add extra experiences through their website and Facebook pages.

The Map outlines houses and displays

This map outlines everything from the Candy Cane House to the locals, potentially not known, displays that people really like to see. The Casperson Christmas lights are so much fun to go and check out. The entire neighborhood gets behind it. The map includes the Burley Straw Maze and the Orton Botanical Gardens as well. So if you did not know where they were located in the past, this map gives you an outline to where you need to go.

You can add your home to the map

If you go all out for Christmas but you may not have the fame of the Candy Cane House or the previously done Rock Creek General Christmas Lights, you can add your home and start getting people to come check out your hard work. All you have to do is fill out the form that is going to get you on the map. Everything is reviewed but if you have lights, let's be honest, people want to see them.

Have a holly jolly Christmas and plan out the rest of your Christmas light ventures with this map. You may have found something you didn't know existed

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