Mark Wahlberg showed off his ability to put his foot in his mouth last week when he made comments saying he could’ve prevented the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Wahlberg joins Ashton Kutcher as the latest members of the fraternity of celebrities who say things they probably shouldn’t. Here’s a look at some other, more obscure remarks well-known people have made that they probably came to regret.

1. “I do.” – Kim Kardashian

2. “I’m retired. This time I mean it.” – Brett Favre

3. “Our business is going to be unstoppable now that we’ve got this Zuckerberg kid signed on.” – The Winklevoss twins

4. “Come on, let’s have an open marriage. No one will ever know.” – Newt Gingrich

5. “I plan on a long, successful run as host of ‘The Tonight Show.’” – Conan O’Brien

6. “On second thought, let’s not switch the night we’re going to see ‘Our American Cousin.’” – Abraham Lincoln

7. “I think playing Mr. Schuester on ‘Glee’ will really prove to people in Hollywood that I’m a tough guy actor.” – Matthew Morrison

8.Anything I said in 2011.” – Charlie Sheen

9. “My new song, ‘Friday,’ is so catchy, everyone in America is bound to love it.” – Rebecca Black

10. “Okay, on our itinerary, let’s bump this Katrina thing to sometime next week. There are some other things I gotta take care of, first.” – George W. Bush

11. “Janet, I have an idea to really spice up our halftime performance at the Super Bowl that I think you’re gonna love.” – Justin Timberlake

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