Racism is something that needs to be stamped out like a spark on pine needles. Northern Idaho is perceived by many in the state as being the worst region as far as white supremacy support is concerned, but these cretinous beliefs clearly extend to the southern reaches of the Gem State as well.

I, unfortunately, had to sip my Friday morning coffee while reading about what happened following a peaceful protest by many Hispanic students at Caldwell High School. A number of area residents and students held a "brown power" gathering on campus, which is a perfectly acceptable means to voice concerns over issues affecting communities in the United States.

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Sometime in the evening hours following the protest, someone spray painted the words "white power" on a school wall. The act is being considered a hate crime by many, according to a report from KTVB 7 News, and it should be. It was a despicable thing to do, and hopefully, the school has cameras that actually work. It's not only Idaho either, as this is a reality that sadly infects every state in America.

I have friends that live in northern Idaho, and they tell me that the influence of racist community members is visibly noticeable when they are out and about. If you pull up any "hate map" on the Internet, you'll see that data shows there are a number of these types of groups scattered throughout the panhandle.

I feel sorry for not just the Hispanic students at Caldwell High School, but every one of them. Please, let me apologize on behalf of every white person in Idaho.

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