This was unexpected. I never imagined anyone would take the time to capture sweet high-resolution video of Idahome. I was fortunately very wrong.

The YouTube channel 60 Seconds just shared this. It's only around a minute in length, but shows some of the abandoned buildings in Idahome that used to be at the heart of a bustling railroad area.

They shared a description from the historical marker nearby which tells the story of this town.

After wheat crops flourished in this dry farm area, Idahome sprang up here in 1916 as a railroad terminal. Irrigation projects boosted its economy. When wheat farms disappeared and highway traffic replaced rail service here, Idahome became a ghost town. Its grain elevators, lumberyards, stores, airport, oil company, school, newspaper and people are only past memories. An elevator and a few building foundations mark its site. - Historical Marker

Idahome one of the more stark areas of Cassia County that gives you a peek into the past of what Idaho used to be.

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