RUPERT, Idaho (KLIX) – Sex: it’s a topic that makes some parents blush.

If you’re one of them but know it’s important to provide your kids with appropriate information about the blush-heavy topic, you may be interested in attending a free dinner that two community organizations have planned in March.

South Central Public Health District (SCPHD) and the Idaho Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program is planning the dinner for parents who want some guidance on how to talk to their kids about safe sex.

The Bridging the Gap dinner and discussion is planned for 6:30 p.m. March 12 in Doc’s Pizza, 514 6th Street, Rupert.

“Talking about sex is uncomfortable and scary, but it’s important that kind of information comes from parents first,” Adria Masoner, SCPHD health education specialist, said in a statement on Thursday. “Even if your kids are waiting until marriage, they will have questions. If they don’t get facts from you, they may turn to friends or the internet to try to understand sex on their own.”

Bridging the Gap aims to arm parents with the right tools and methods to talk to their kids about sex, according to the news release. The health district said communication is key, and it’s up to parents to start the dialogue.

According to information provided by the health district, 37 percent of high school teenagers say they have already experimented with sex. Of those, only about half said they used a condom to protect against unintended pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Meanwhile, Idaho has reported an increase in sexually transmitted diseases across the state.

“There is so much bad information online that teens can easily access,” Masoner said. “It is important parents have the tools they need to intervene and separate the truth from any harmful myths their teens may have heard or read about sex.”

For more information or to reserve dinner seats, call Masoner at 208-678-8221.

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