Here at the radio station we have been getting calls asking if we know what's going on with Maxie's Pizza and Pasta in Twin Falls. A for sale sign suddenly appeared on the property and that has local fans of the restaurant worried. Is Maxie's going out of business or moving?

Why is Maxie's Pizza and Pasta in Twin Falls For Sale?

The for sale sign is a definite surprise to almost everyone in the area. Maxie's has been a landmark restaurant in town since 1956, so the thought of it closing or moving has many people worried. On that note, there's good news, bad news, and up-in-the-air- news.

I called the restaurant and had a brief conversation with the manager who didn't divulge any information or plans for the building. He instructed me to call Cindy Schmidt, who's name is on the for sale sign, to get the information I wanted. Another quick phone call with Cindy revealed that the property is indeed for sale and that Maxie's Pizza and Pasta of Twin Falls will not be relocating. The owners hope to sell the business to someone who can keep it going. If you have questions or interest in buying the property, call Cindy Schmidt at 208-320-3512 or send her an email at

What Does This Mean For Fans of Maxie's Pizza and Pasta?

I've seen posts and comments on social media from fans of the restaurant stating that they hope the restaurant is moving to a new location and not closing. That will depend on what happens if and when someone buys the property. They could keep it as a pizza and pasta place or they might choose to take it in another direction.

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Maxie's has great reviews online, so it would be sad to lose the restaurant. They haven't been active on Facebook since 2020, so there isn't any updated information there. We hope that whoever decides to buy the place keeps it as-is with great food, service, and memories.

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