I tend to be an earthquake junkie. I lived in central California a couple years after the 1989 quake that happened during the World Series. But, even I would be hard pressed to think of a valid reason to mention this tiny quake that just happened near Challis, Idaho.

A "massive" 2.9 centered in the Sawtooth Mountains happened this morning. No, this was not a big one. This wouldn't even cause a mountain goat to stumble if it happened right underneath the rock he was standing on. But, bigger ones can and do happen in this area.

Yes, I'm more or less making fun of my earthquake obsession, but it's always good to keep in the back of your mind the fact that we live in a seismic area.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has a helpful earthquake preparedness page with good tips for not being caught by surprise if a big one does hit.

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