For those in the Gem State that collected way too much candy during the Halloween celebration, you can donate some to Idaho troops currently serving our country overseas and perhaps save yourself a hefty bill from the dentist.

Prior to taking our young son trick or treating Monday night on Halloween, we left a table with a large bucket of candy at the end of our driveway for anyone who might pass by. It sat out for at least three hours, and not a single piece of candy was taken. We know this because we checked our security cameras upon arriving back home.

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So, we bagged all of the candy that my son grabbed over the course of three days of events and a few hours trick or treating Halloween night, combined with the leftover candy we intended to give away, and determined our only option was to try to get rid of some. I stumbled upon the website today and learned how to donate candy to Idaho troops.

Treats for Troops is a donation effort in conjunction with Soldiers' Angels and has donation sites in southern Idaho. You can call 210-629-0020 to find the nearest drop-off location to your home.

If you'll be traveling to Boise from Twin Falls anytime soon, you can take your candy to Smoke Guard Inc., at 287 North Maple Grove Road and they'll ship it out to members of the Idaho military. I spoke to an employee Tuesday morning and confirmed they are taking donations. You can also ship boxes of candy directly to them.

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