Idaho friendships are some of the tightest in the country. It's a state where men hunt, off-road, party, camp, fish, kayak, watch sports, eat buffalo wings, and take part in many other activities together, and as far as bromances are concerned, they blossom in the Gem State like the majestic Western White Pine.

We've all heard the term bromance. It's a special, unspoken bond between two dudes that have each other's backs no matter what.

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Idaho is a rugged, blue-collar region of America, where men earn their paychecks and spend a great deal of time in their shops listening to bands like Iron Maiden, The Zac Brown Band, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, Korn, and others while tinkering with their dirt bikes, ATVs, truck engines, and whatever else allows them to have some personal time away from their wives.

I've seen it for myself while living in southern Idaho. Guys are much more than just wingmen in Idaho, and the universal love for the outdoors factors heavily into these unbreakable bonds.

I'm not trying to take away anything from the sisterhoods of Idaho. The closest female friendships, or, "breasties," as one of my female Idaho friends refer to them as, are almost as tight.

The best time of year for bromances in Idaho is arguably May through September. Conditions are ideal this time of year for family weekend trips to the mountains to pull the trailer or toy hauler to spend more time catching up with their fellow bros, laughing and having some cold beers, and forgetting periodically that their kids and wives have tagged along too.

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