The bathroom in our homes isn't just used to handle the natural (or unnatural) release of body fluids and waste. Locking the door to our toilets is also done as a means to attain security, peace and quiet, and an exit from potential conflict.

I'll admit it. I do some of my best networking and negotiating from the toilet. Why, just the other week, I called my son out of school from the bathroom. Often, when I disable my phone's camera and microphone during business meetings it's because I'm multitasking. Shaving, showering, sh%$#@1, and brushing teeth all fall into this category.

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Have I used the toilet as an opportunity to escape a potential argument with the wife? Hell to the yes. I also find the bathroom a handy safe haven when my mother-in-law is visiting; it doubles as a panic room in this situation.

The two bathrooms in our home are the only ones with locks on the doors also, so there is that added comfort. If I had to add up all the time I use in a year seeking refuge in the bathroom for these types of reasons, it would certainly equal several hours. Women do it too by the way.

A survey of men shared by is implying that some spend as much as an entire workday's worth of time "hiding" in the bathroom. This means that they are using the bathroom to purposely waste time for one reason or another.

I think seven hours a year is on the conservative side. If I had to guess, I'd say men use the toilet for this purpose for at least a week every 12 months.

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