Why people can't just smile when they take a picture I don't know. At some point recently people decided that sticking out your lips when you take a picture was cute - we call it the 'Duck Face'. I'll admit that some people can pull off the duck face and look fine doing it...but for the most part it needs to stop! The good news is that it may stop soon thanks to the hot new photo trend - the 'Surprise Face'.

The 'Surprised Face' look is so much better in every way. When you make a 'Duck Face' you are scrunching up your face which makes your head look flatter and you are making a face like a duck in an attempt to look good! The surprised look is much more flattering since you open your mouth a bit and your eyes are wider making your face look slimmer and your eyes and lips look better - plus it smooths out wrinkles! It does take practice though to not look like an idiot...I have not practiced enough yet. Mine rather than looking surprised is more like a startled fish face look.

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