Unless you are an angst-ridden teenager you probably enjoy spending time with your family. Even though we love our parents and brothers and sisters - that does not mean we get along all the time and that we enjoy long amounts of time together. So how do you plan a perfect family activity that makes everyone happy?

  • Only spend about four hours together - which may seem hard once you see what you have to pack into those hours.
  • Go to the beach and a fair. Sounds good - especially since it is fair season and I'm assuming you can count the beach at Dierkes or Salmon Dam.
  • Laugh at least 11 times. But when you're having fun - who's really counting?
  • No more than seven photos together. Great advice here. Your teenager (see the description about angst above) probably doesn't want to be seen with you let alone posing for a picture. And if you focus too much on taking photos you are going to miss out on the memories being made right in front of you.

If you are planning a road trip remember the keys to making that perfect too.

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