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Someone always has it worse.  You’ve heard that line your entire life.  It won’t make you feel any better if you’re jobless, have cancer or your spouse walked out on you.

Speaking of jobless, Idaho hasn’t had it as worse as most states around the country.  WalletHub shares the latest figures from last week’s unemployment filings.  We happen to fall at 49th out of 51.  The District of Columbia is counted with all 50 states.  This doesn’t offer you much comfort if you’re not working.  And if you’re among those still unable to connect with jobless benefits.

There are also regions of the state I’ve visited and I would call them almost self-sufficient.

Otherwise, I’m not surprised.  While Idaho isn’t recession proof, the state’s economy can better withstand the headwinds.  It’s the agricultural production.  While it took an initial hit, people still are eating.  There are also regions of the state I’ve visited and I would call them almost self-sufficient.  North Idaho comes to mind.  It benefits from tourism but not to the degree of a Blaine County.

In a way, some of the more remote areas don’t have big box stores and so the local shops stayed open, providing needed services.

Also, I know from my own experience growing up in rural America, survival is all about self-reliance.  Guys I grew up with could fix things and didn’t need to call in a specialist.  They could cut their own wood on their own land and heat their own homes.  If you’ve got a dairy herd you’ve got milk.

One of my grandmothers had a pantry bursting at the seams as she prepared for every winter.  She canned meats and vegetables and fruits.  She would often steam dandelion greens and with a touch of vinegar have an inexpensive salad.

This lifestyle also creates opportunities for barter.

The future is somewhat uncertain but necessity may create a lot more pantries off kitchens or in basements.

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