I've never been a believer in psychic powers. My wife is a true believer, and has had many readings done in the nearly 17 years I've known her. She recently introduced me to a show that I have to admit has swayed me a bit...just a bit.

I've known my wife since 2006, and in that amount of time, she's had many psychic readings done, including ones over the telephone. I remember I gave her a really tough time about the phone reading, and actually tried to talk her out of it because I thought it was a scam. How much can a stranger really connect with someone over the phone, I thought?

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I've followed her through psychic fairs and watched her spend money sitting down and talking to strangers. It's her money, and she can do what she wants with it. Personally, I wouldn't spend my own money on a psychic reading.

She found a show called Life After Death with Tyler Henry. Henry is a young kid who was bullied in school and has since become known as one of the world's leading psychics. In the show, he travels throughout the United States giving free readings to people. He has a waiting list of more than 200,000 people.

A previously taken U.S. poll found that as many as 57% of Americans believe psychics really possess these unique powers to foresee the future and connect with the dead. If this really reflects the number of Americans that believe in psychics, I have to say I'm surprised at the number.

I have to admit, this Tyler Henry fellow seems to be the real deal. You should check out his show on Netflix.

My question now is, how many Idahoans believe in psychics? If you do, what swayed you?

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