We did some checking and the national average cost of prom is about $919, give or take. I did some number crunching to see if prom costs in the Twin Falls area were anywhere near the national average.

  • The tux is just about as good a place as any to start. According to Emily at Tuxedos Now in Twin Falls, the average tux will can run about $126. This includes shoes and a full back vest.
  • Moving on to the gown. This is a hard one to zero in on because prices can really vary. I spoke to Christa's Dress Shop in Twin and they tell me that locally, you're spending somewhere in the $299 - $499 range.  For the sake of using a hard number for the math, I'll make it an average of $399.
  • For dinner, I checked prices from more of the popular places to eat on a "nice" occasion in Twin, like Rock Creek, Elevation or Canyon Crest.  If you figure in $15 for a couple appetizers and drinks for two, plus $50 for two entrees, you're looking at about $65 for dinner... $74.75 if you include %15 tip. Since I hate counting change, I'll throw in a quarter to make it $75.
  • Tickets to prom can vary from school to school but are usually around $25 per student or $40 for a couple. I know there are exceptions but I'm working on the assumption that most kids are going as a couple. So let's call it an even $40
  • The cost of pictures at prom can also vary depending on the package you want to buy. I talked to Addison Photography and they said prom package photos range between $15 - $80... the most popular package is $40.
  • For the limo service, I spoke to the staff at Canyon Crest. They run limo service for a reasonable, flat $50/hour rate. They said that most kids rent the limo to pick them up for dinner and take them to prom after. That takes about 2 hours, so limo costs come in at $120, assuming you tip your driver.
  • Rosebud's Florist, in Twin Falls tells me the average corsage/wristlet combo is selling at $62.

So what's the grand total for prom in Twin Falls?  Let's see... Flowers: $62, Limo: $120, Pics: $40, Tickets: $40, Dinner: $75, Dress: $399 and Tux: $126 for a grand total of...

$862. Twin Falls comes in $57 cheaper than the national average. 

Side note: The 'Promposal." This is the factor that pushes us over the top on our budget. Kids today are just as into making a spectacle of the promposal as the event itself. They're doing everything from a dinner out to something that looks dang near close to an wedding proposal, complete with flowers and a ring!  According to a study by Visa, the promposal can cost an average of $324. Since the range is so wide and varies depending on the activity and gift, I'm going with the national average on this figure.

If you include the cost of a promposal, the cost exceeds the national average by $267 for a total of $1,186



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