Last year my husband and I bought a zero turn riding lawn mower from Sears.  We researched, saved, and waited for it to go on sale.  He loves that thing, so does the dog.  It's strange.

Now that Spring is here, my husband is having the hardest time taking off the lawn mower blades to sharpen them.  I've asked around and since this will be the first time he's removing them, they are notoriously very hard to remove for the first time.

So since I'm playing the pregnancy card, AKA NOT doing lawn work this year, I thought I'd use my brain and do some research for him and you, since I'm sure this is a pain for many of you this time of year.

First I found this video showing you how to take blades off a zero turn mower:

This week they're our Instant Win Event, which means you could win $100 by swinging by their location.  Here's the deal, all you have to do is bring your lawn mower in to Jones Hardware and they'll use their sweat equity to remove those pesky blades, they'll sharpen them, then they'll put them back on.  If only they would mow the lawn for you too?  You'll have to ask them about that last question, but I do know they are ready to service all your lawn equipment right now.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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