I'm convinced that part of growing up is having a garage full of stuff (that isn't cars) and you haven't seen or used a good portion of it in years.

Example - I was out in my garage yesterday looking for a tape measure and found a Total Gym under a stack of Christmas ornaments and other random boxes. A Total Gym - those are almost $800 new. Turns out my wife had bought it at a yard sale last year and forgot about it.

When you find those treasures and know that you won't be using them ever - it's time to sell them. And there are many ways to make some money on that stuff. You can sell online but that is often shady and risky. You can set up a yard sale at your house but that takes a lot of work and then you have all these random people coming into your yard. The best option is The Magic Valley's Largest Yard Sale because all you do is show up and sell your stuff. You don't have to promote the event, nobody comes to your house, and you have a better chance of actually selling your items because hundreds of people will be coming just to buy stuff!

Along with the homeowners selling their stuff are many local crafters and businesses. Gem State Paper & Supply is going to be there with all kinds of bargains and treasures

The Magic Valley's Largest Yard Sale is this weekend on the 23rd from 7am to 4pm at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds in Filer. This event is always huge so whether you want to sell your items or be the proud new owner of someone else's stuff, the Magic Valley's Largest Yard Sale is where you need to be this weekend. Booth spaces start at $35 and admission day of is just $1, kids 12 and under are free.

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