I thought we were the only Twin Falls. Technically, we are the only Twin Falls city. But, there is another Twin Falls I did not know about and it's in North Carolina. It's always the last place you look.

This "Twin Falls" is located in Gorges State Park in North Carolina. It's an area known for its waterfalls and, sure enough, it has one named "Twin Falls". It's right on the border between North and South Carolina.

Google Maps
Google Maps

That Twin Falls has nothing on our Twin Falls. It's a waterfall with a massive 15-foot drop. Yes, that's sarcasm. But, according to a North Carolina waterfall website, it does have the notoriety of being featured in a book called "The Blue Wall" by Thomas Wyche. But, $35 for a book? That book had better include bookmarks made of bacon for that price. I'm gonna pass, but thanks.

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