When was the last time Governor Little talked about COVID restrictions?  Are some still in place?  With a primary 10 months away maybe he believes you’ll forget what happened last year if you haven’t yet forgiven.  A prominent Republican told me a few months ago the Governor took his foot off the gas when he realized playing jailer wasn’t popular with a lot of potential voters. 

Will Little continue to insist he did what was right and followed the science, or will he issue a mea culpa?

I don’t know where you would find details but some state office must have a list of businesses that closed and never re-opened during Little’s pandemic panic.  How many of those businesses are still open but haven’t fully recovered from the bruising they received during the spring and summer of 2020?

I suspect the numbers are high, although.  The big chain restaurants and big box stores have metastasized in my neighborhood.  Big business did very well as evidenced by a new book being released by writer Carol Roth.  Click this link and you can see an excerpt from her work.

Big box and big chains can and often are a source of campaign contributions.  Small businesses, not so much.  Will Little continue to insist he did what was right and followed the science, or will he issue a mea culpa?  I suppose the answer will mirror polling data as next May approaches.

I know a lot of people will vote for him if the jobless rate, having rebounded to three percent, remains the same next spring.  People have varying priorities and I understand not everyone votes using my checklist.  For me, I found the temporary loss of liberties repugnant.  I’ll never forget the day I drove to Jerome and then back.  A sign along the road was flashing orders I stay home.  I don’t use rude gestures when driving but I considered a one finger salute.  If Brad Little is the nominee and a Paulette Jordan style socialist is the alternative, I may leave the line on my ballot blank.  Right now, he’s fourth on my GOP depth chart.

Also, if the video below is still available, check it out.  The guy featured isn’t a conservative but he says we got rolled by big government.  No disagreement here.

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