We won't stop until we're number one!  Or not...

We may complain about the newbies.  As a friend said a couple of weeks ago, Idaho has become the “promised land” for a great many people looking for relief from taxes, regulations and overcrowding.  A lot of long time Idaho residents wish it would slow down, however.  The growth is also driving a red hot economy. 

and visitors who don’t stay play a huge part in our economic boom.  US News praises the Idaho tourist trade.

The economy, fiscal stability and a low crime rate places Idaho fifth on the best states list compiled by US News and World Report.  You can see the latest by clicking here.

Idaho even had a good score on infrastructure at tenth.  As the state plans to plow a lot more money into roads, bridges and Internet, you can expect the infrastructure score to rise in future years.

The economy is a sizzling third on the list.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal is measuring the number of people on the move across the nation.  The Journal posted an interactive map to show the great migration from blue states to red states.  Each move looks like a grain of yellow pollen.  In 2020, Idaho saw great growth among communities along the interstates.  From Pocatello to Idaho Falls, in the Burley/Rupert area and especially from Twin Falls all the way to Canyon County.

The states ahead of Idaho are Washington, Minnesota, Utah and New Hampshire.  Utah and Idaho were the fastest growing states of the last decade and Idaho’s growth per capita surged past Utah in the latter half of the decade.

Oh, and visitors who don’t stay play a huge part in our economic boom.  US News praises the Idaho tourist trade.

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