When you finally decide to brave the cold in Idaho and set up your Christmas lights outdoors, be careful that your decorations aren't a safety hazard. Some Christmas decorations when set up improperly could become dangerous and get you in trouble with the Federal Government.

Which Christmas Lights Are Against The Law In Idaho

While Christmas lights aren't technically illegal in Idaho, some can be under certain circumstances. Since the invention of the Laser Light Show for Christmas decorations, the number of instances of reported laser incidences by the FAA has doubled. When the Star Shower came out in 2015 there was a steep increase in laser light reports by aviation pilots. Every year since then the reports climb during the holiday season.

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These home laser light decorations aren't against the law to use, but you do have to be careful that the lights are only aimed at your house and not at the sky. The FAA states:

You might not realize this, but a well-meaning attempt to spread holiday cheer has the potential to create a serious safety risk to pilots and passengers on airplanes that fly overhead. So please make sure all laser lights are directed at your house and not pointing toward the sky. The extremely concentrated beams of laser lights reach much farther than you might realize.

What's The Fine For Pointing A Laser At An Airplane

If the FAA catches you pointing a laser at an airplane, they will usually first give you a warning. If you fail to fix the problem you could be fined $11,000 per violation. There have been 46 laser-related incidents reported in Idaho so far in 2022. All of those took place in Boise with the exception of one in Twin Falls.

Star Shower Projected Onto Balanced Rock

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