A couple from Idaho trying to get exposure for a product they created had the opportunity to present it to a team of investors on one of the highest rated television shows currently airing.

Chris and Geanie Rodgers, who are both Idaho entrepreneurs and partners that created an industrial strength utility rope, got the chance to ask the Shark Tank team for some financial backing to further keep hopes of expanding their idea nationally alive.

The episode featuring the couple's Idaho-manufactured product know as the "Rapid Rope," aired on the popular ABC show on January 19, 2020. The family has already been making profits on the rope for a couple years, but were asking for an investment of $200,000 additionally from the Shark Tank members, according to details provided by USA Today. The rope, which has been promoted as a strong, all-purpose product that is ideal for outdoor use, comes in an easy to transport canister and is 120 feet in length.

The rope and canister retail for $24.95, with additional rope refill cartridges going for $14.95. Easy storage was another unique aspect of the product that was pitched to the business team. The Shark Tank team chose to pass on offering any substantial amount of money toward backing the Rapid Rope, but the exposure the family received on Sunday's show will no doubt help boost sales, at least in the short term.

For more on the back story of the Idaho couple that invented the Rapid Rope, click here. Those who have more questions about the product can contact company representatives, at 800-974-4703.





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