IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) — A group of patrons were able to disarm a man who entered an Idaho Falls bar and pointed a rifle at the crowd.

The Post Register reports that a 58-year-old man who had been kicked out of the Roadhouse Saloon earlier Tuesday returned with a .223-caliber rifle and a .40-caliber pistol and leveled the weapons at the crowd. Witnesses say they saw the man lower his weapon and Trevor Bennion tossed a beer mug at the attacker, distracting him. Bennion then rushed the armed man, wresting the rifle away from him.

Bennion and several men then punched the attacker. Bennion says he had confronted the man earlier in the night, leading to his ejection from the bar. The armed man was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital, then charged with aggravated assault and weapons charges.

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