Legos are getting a lot of attention lately.  The latest is a cease and desist order sent to a Utah gunsmith.  The guy was making pistols designed to look like Legos.  It probably does help with grip.  Some gun control advocates believe the pistols will attract children and lead to terrible accidents, although.  If you leave any firearms on the snack table at a day care center you’re being irresponsible.  Good people would lock up the Lego gun.

Two weeks ago, a decorated military veteran and now schoolteacher was arrested by Capitol Police for his alleged role in the January riot at the United States Capitol.  Early news releases claimed he had a Lego replica of the building in his home.  As if it was being used to train a mob for an attack.  Alas, a later news release confirmed the model of the building was still in its box.  Maybe the fellow under arrest has an interest in civics and government.  After all, he has a history of public service.  Whether you like his politics or don’t, having toys in the home isn’t a crime.

As for the pistol, I can see how the people who manufacture Legos could be a bit squeamish.  Especially when half the country appears to be demanding more control on firearms (and many of the very same people have guns at home if the data is right).

But, sheesh, can we give the gunsmith some credit for creativity?  After all, it makes accessorizing a lot easier.  You can pop the red dot off and on as needed!

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